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Lionheart Issue 12: Grow and Thrive

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This issue explores the theme GROW + THRIVE. Featuring music, art, books, style, stories, ideas and inspiration

This issues features:

An interview with US electro pop duo Sylvan Esso, here they are Rooftop Dancing. Sylvan Esso’s music is totally uplifting and grounding at the same time. It’s been the main soundtrack at Lionheart HQ for the last six months (particularly). This interview is about balmy summer days, lockdown videos, dancing (as freedom), some politics, standing up for what you believe, creative expression bouncing around with another and how actually LOVE and kindness is fundamental and what we all need. Here’s some on their new album FREE LOVE.

Vintage love – what do we love about it (so much), the personal stories and connections, how to find the best vintage, how to change it up, embellish and pass something on. This issue features three vintage shop owners sharing their love for vintage and discussing and displaying their particular style; folk embroidery, vintage party glam, everyday vintage chic. Plus Nell Mallia shares her tips on finding finding children’s vintage and preloved in a beautiful feature. Not forgetting the memories and new stories forming with vintage love right there, how it defines, empowers and tells so much.

Interview with ceramicist Amanda Banham, who makes small ceramic houses within which she weaves stories about those who dwell inside. There’s something incredibly wise and comforting about these houses, it’s like a familiar but also quite magical world. They’re solid little houses, but with a touch of something mysterious too. Amanda shares, with an in-depth interview, her path to becoming a ceramicist, her studio space, routine (doors wide open, decaf coffee in a mug, BBC Radio 4, dog beside her), markets, teaching and community. A peaceful and inspiring read.

Fashion accessories and lifestyle designer Tihara Smith creates brilliantly bold and colourful clothing and accessories using traditional and contemporary techniques, taking her inspiration from her Caribbean heritage, with a London twist. The starting point for Tihara’s graduate collection – the Windrush Collection – was the Empire Windrush, which came to Britain in 1948, carrying West Indian immigrants to the UK. Tihara spoke to her grandfather, visited exhibitions and studied photography of that time. ‘Just like the ‘West Indian Front Room’, she also explores the Black British domestic experience in her collection and includes a mixture of textures, flora and fauna, raffia, faux fur and knits. Tihara’s work is incredible and her dedication and passion radiates from her words.

Imagination – what is it and how can we work with our imagination when we are perhaps overwhelmed or simply have no time to access it? Nicola Appleton is writing a book and she wants to find out how she can merge her book writing with her daily life – do we need a room (or even a quiet corner) of one’s own?

SmartSquid interview – Sarina Saddiq absolutely loves nature and she shows it with her wonderful designs on clothing. With looking after and celebrating the environment her number one priority, she combines this with her total love and huge artistic talent. Sarina wants to share her love of the natural world and highlights that nature and life is absolutely everywhere. She has even created a not for profit kids magazine that is full of fun activities and aims to teach and guide children to love, respect and appreciate nature. We are part of nature and nature is spectacular, in all of its imperfect magnificence. Sarina gently reminds the world of this.

Blackberry pie is just so delicious – a recipe for blackberry pie. Just add Cornish cream.

Running – Laura Pashby started running relatively recently after believing for so long that she just ‘wasn’t a runner’. One day she challenged her own belief and she’s been running ever since. Through tears and joy, it’s seen her through and lifted her. A real meditation, Laura talks about her path to running from a physical and mental perspective and it’s definitely already inspired some to run and run.

Camping – what do you need? All the tips from camping. Definitely worth noting some of these, an eye mask for 5am sunrises in summer time – honestly! And you ALWAYS need a pillow, after three weeks with a bunched up jumper it’s conclusive: it just doesn’t work.

Books – a list of books, both new and older, recommended by Amy Bebbington, who also talks about how fiction allows her mind to dream.

Mumologist’s Dr Emma Svanberg – an interview about psychology, motherhood, toddler life, support and BEING KIND TO OURSELVES.

Art by Faye West of Blostma and Merewif – always beautiful, plus many other artists including Jessica Smith and Piece of the Peach.

Plus, a spontaneous cake party, a natural energy drink recipe, Mothership Writers, writing poetry, stating a business in lockdown, papercut art

Photoshoot with PHOTOGRAPHY by Karolina Wisniowska – which is all about getting out and up high and feeling very free